Where In The World Is Microloa?

While checking out at Whole Foods the other day, I glanced at a poster for their Prosperity Campaign.  A photo of a woman swathed in batik fabric smiled back at me.  SIX MILLION MICROLOANS the poster announced.  Brain gears creaked into action.  Who are the Microloans?  Where exactly is Microloa?  If there were six million of them, why had I never heard of them?  After a long moment, I found my way out of the fog… Oh, micro-loans.

So, do I chalk this up to an aging brain, to the ALL CAPS (graphic design teaches that sentences in all caps are the most difficult to read), to an ability to look at the world differently, or to all three?  Anyhoo, it’s been good for a few laughs.  Is Microloa the birthplace of micro-loans?  Is Microloa an island in the Pacific Ocean?  This sounds like a SNL Emily Litella skit.  RIP Gilda Radner!





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