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I already had quite a bit of information about various ancestors, but I didn’t have it in order and wasn’t sure how to get it sorted out. During one delightful afternoon, Sarah Hirsch set me up with an account on family research website ancestry.com. She explained how to use its many features to organize the information I have and how to do the research to find new discoveries. Sarah is such a patient teacher! The time flew, so after Sarah left I kept working, diving further and further back in my family tree. Sarah got me off to a great start, taking all the frustration out of the process. I didn’t know that building my family tree could be so fun!

Margaret Lukens   Burlingame, CA


My elderly parents moved from their home to an apartment and needed a lot of help getting settled into a smaller space.  Sarah organized the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dad’s office, and even got the world’s squeakiest antique bed frame to quiet down.  She also helped my parents go through all the old photos, which they really enjoyed, and started a beautiful family tree for us.  My dad never throws anything out, so Sarah was instrumental in getting rid of old things no longer useful and helping to replace them with things that were.  She has a great sense for knowing what’s important and should be saved and what is not.  She did a great job for us and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to reorganize things into a smaller space or anything like that.

Chuck B.     Los Angeles, CA


After our mother died, my sister, who has compulsive shopping and  hoarding issues, couldn’t bring herself to clean her stuff out of the house.  Sarah was able to take her by the hand and lead her through the process.  In just a few days, the accumulation of many decades had been sorted out – it was like a miracle!  Since then, my sister has been able to work by herself to sort things at her own home.  I’m so appreciative of all her help, and how gently Sarah handled the situation.

Isabelle M.     Los Angeles, CA


Pat KellyI had wanted to start a genealogical search of my family history for some time, but wasn’t quite sure how or where to begin.  I had heard about the different websites, municipal offices and libraries where such information was available, but was still unsure as to which would be the least complicated yet efficient method of research.  Sarah made it simple.  In less than twenty minutes time she had my own family tree up and running, discovering old immigration and census records for both sides of my family.  I was thrilled to see and read the information that online tools generated and I look forward to further exploring my family history with Sarah’s guidance and support.  I highly recommend Sarah Hirsch to anyone interested in exploring their family’s history, whether they be a beginning or experienced researcher.  Her skill and expertise have been invaluable in helping provide a rich and wonderful insight into our family heritage.

Pat Kelly      Buford, GA


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