I’ve divided my services into several basic categories purely to make them easier to describe.  Our lives are not neatly divided into separate compartments, and people often want help with more than just one issue.  Time permitting, multiple areas can be tackled in a single session.


A 3 hour session is $250.  I find that this is enough time to get a lot accomplished, without anybody getting overly tired.  Additional hours are $80 each.  I happily take on larger projects and look forward to discussing your needs with you.

Home Organizing

People’s organizing needs run the gamut from reclaiming a closet to sorting a lifetime’s worth of possessions.  Generally speaking, one of the most important things I do is to help clients decide what’s worth keeping, selling or donating.  This sounds like it should be simple enough for people to do on their own, but it’s easy to get bogged down in multiple, conflicting needs and desires.  A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference in the world.  My diverse skills and experience (please see “About Me”) allow me to untangle even the knottiest organizing problems.  I’m always happy to look for new solutions which will best fit clients’ unique situations.  Having served as a Trustee and Conservator, I particularly enjoy working with elders and their families.

Home Office Organizing

Does dealing with paper clutter drive you crazy?  Good news: you’re normal!  Even the best organized people don’t usually look forward to dealing with paperwork.  But, there are ways to make it simple and – dare I say it – pleasurable.  I take a flexible approach to home office arrangement; finding solutions that are comfortable and make sense for the individual client.  Thirty years experience running a small retail business has given me solid office management skills, including filing and money management.  I can help to evaluate office systems or furniture that you might be considering purchasing.

Family Genealogy

What does genealogy have to do with home organizing?  Many people have a box of old family photographs and documents in need of sorting, identification and proper storage.  Some clients are interested in starting a family tree, while others want to find out more about a particular ancestor, or explore an old family mystery.  I know the best online resources, some of which are free.  If you’ve ever thought about starting a family tree, I offer a 3-hour introductory session   I’ll guide you through that awkward beginners phase, so that your tree will be accurate, professional-looking and beautiful, right from the beginning.  Please contact me for information on how to receive 30 minutes of FREE genealogy research:

by phone: 415-221-6126     by email: sarah415info(at)