Organizing Wisdom

 “It is up to humans to organize their territory and life, to consume without defacing, produce without depleting, to live without destroying.”

I came across this quote in an article about a Finnish architectural design contest, for, of all things, Santa’s logistics center.  “The jury also gave an honorable mention to a team (El Hadi Jazairy, Chen Lu, and Kelly Koh) that completely ignored the competition’s guidelines. Instead of building Santa’s workshop, they came up with “Santa Claus’ Planetary Garden.” The honorary mention, the jury explained, was given to them because the environmental message behind the building was so strong.”  Although this quote is within the context of architectural design, it applies equally well to everything we keep inside our homes.

The article: This is what happens when you ask hundreds of architects to design Santa’s workshop by Arielle Duhaime-Ross, December 24, 2014



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