Why Be Organized?

A lot of ink has been spilled on the subject of HOW to organize.  There are countless books, articles, products and systems available.  On their own, these may only add to the clutter and confusion in a person’s life.  To produce effective and long lasting results, a person first needs to know WHY they’re doing a thing.  And, the better the reason, the better the potential outcome.  While this seems obvious, we frequently do things without really stopping to ask ourselves why.  Reflection sometimes reveals that the thing might not actually need doing, or that it could be done differently, or that it should to be done by someone else.

These basic principles underlie successful and satisfying organizing…

POWER:  The courage to take better control of your own life; inviting in what you most need and keeping what you most value.

LOVE:  Kind and loving self-respect in place of hateful self-judgment.  A chaotic, overwhelming or dirty environment simply isn’t a generous way to treat oneself, regardless of what anyone else might think.

HONESTY:  Doing the right thing; defining and meeting your own responsibilities/obligations/duties as opposed to those that belong to or are dictated by others.  Recognizing and affirming your own limits.

PEACE:  While I don’t promise that organizing will lead to inner peace, it can certainly be a byproduct of “getting it together”.  People usually equate peace with calmness and stillness.  It can also be a dynamic state that creates or reveals wonderful new possibilities.

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