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Why it Pays to Hire an Estate Organizer

Sorting the contents of an estate is an enormous and complicated task. While the most precious items in a home may have little monetary value, it’s vital to find the things that do. Family members, even if they have time to do the work, may not know where to look or may fail to recognize […]

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What it’s Like to Hoard

This beautifully written essay by Elizabeth Friend was just published on I think I’m becoming a hoarder — and I’m afraid there’s no way out I’m pretty sure my partner and I are hoarders, or least well on our way. We have one entire room in our house that’s too full of clutter to walk through […]

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Organizing Wisdom

 “It is up to humans to organize their territory and life, to consume without defacing, produce without depleting, to live without destroying.” I came across this quote in an article about a Finnish architectural design contest, for, of all things, Santa’s logistics center.  “The jury also gave an honorable mention to a team (El Hadi Jazairy, Chen […]

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Jerry Seinfeld Talks About “Too Many Things”

For a good laugh over “stuff” check out Jerry Seinfeld’s recent stand-up routine on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Of course, getting and staying organized can be easier for people like Jerry who aren’t “keepers”.  Still, he makes some entertaining observations that most everyone can relate to.      

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Perspective on Possessions

A wise organizer* once said that “Clutter is unmade decisions”.  One of the many reasons that decisions are hard to make is that there is often an inverse relationship between the size of a decision and the difficulty of execution.  In simpler words, big decisions can be easy and little ones extremely tough.  “I want to have an organized home office” is fairly […]

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Duck Dynasty Hoarding Quote

  Jase Robertson to his mom, Miss Kay: “You need to go to a hoarding rehab center.”   Miss Kay: “They’re all in California – I can’t go.”     From the Duck Dynasty 2013 Christmas Special “I’m Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas”      

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