The Life And Death Of A Civil War Soldier

 George Washington Willson & The Battle of Arkansas Post  Time had forgotten George Wilson until I began constructing my family tree a few years ago.  He was only a note on paper; my 2nd great grand aunt Mag’s first husband, killed in the Civil War.  The Latter-day Saints’ website yielded a marriage record.  But I couldn’t find anything […]

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My Old Favorite Genealogy Quote

  The best memory is not so firm as faded ink.                                                                                  – Chinese proverb                

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My New Favorite Genealogy Quote

  If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.                                                             – Ram Dass                  

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I am seriously in like with  Whatever its shortcomings, the site simply has the most and the best genealogical resources currently available. membership isn’t free, and I’m not suggesting that it should be.  The company provides useful information and a great system for organizing it, and they deserve to be paid for their service.  But, despite the […]

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AncestryDNA Matches: How Precise are the Results?

One of the many wonderful things about is that they offer a DNA test (for genealogical purposes only).  The price has been dropping and will probably continue to drop as more people take the test.  Currently, it’s $99 and was recently on sale for a couple of days at a new low of $79.   Test results show, among […]

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Divorce & the Definition of Drunkenness

I came across the following 1910 newspaper article while doing genealogy research.  Amy Hawkins Calvert was my father’s midwife.  What is it they say about comedy?  Comedy is tragedy that happens to somebody else.  And, tragedy plus time equals comedy.  Mrs. Calvert did finally manage to obtain her desired divorce a year later on the ground of […]

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How To Store Quilts Like A Pro

Are you fortunate enough to possess a wonderful old family quilt, but aren’t sure how to best care for it?  With some basic knowledge and a few simple steps, your quilt can be preserved for generations to come. CLEAN HANDS!  Before you handle the quilt, wash you hands with something like plain unscented dish detergent. […]

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