Sarah HirschHello and thank you for visiting my website!

I am a home organizer specializing in estate organizing.  From reclaiming a closet to untangling a lifetime’s worth of possessions,  I listen attentively to the needs of clients and handle belongings with care and respect.  An avid genealogist, I help clients explore, organize, preserve and celebrate their family histories. 

Settling an estate/trust is a complicated project which can take months or years to accomplishThe first order of business is often simply find all the information required to complete the estate/trust administration process.  These vital documents and items include birth/death/marriage certificates, safe deposit box keys and location of the box, bank records, insurance policies, home/vehicle titles, original wills and trusts, valuables like jewelry and art, and items that may be well hidden.

While not as urgent, personal belongings are usually more meaningful to the family, and deserve to be treated with equal or greater care.  Having a neutral professional handle this portion of the estate administration often reduces tension between the beneficiaries, especially in cases where the Trustee/Executor is also a beneficiary. Simply seeing and touching a loved one’s possessions may trigger strong feelings and memories.  Allowing a professional to perform the sorting tasks can spare families a great deal of emotional distress.  I act on behalf of Trustees/Executors who live far away or haven’t the time/energy required to thoroughly organize the home.

Having served as a Conservator, Trustee and Executrix for my own family members, I’ve experienced the wonders and difficulties of estate organizing firsthand.  I view the sorting and distribution of personal possessions as a part of the natural continuum of death, mourning and rebuilding that survivors must pass through.  Grieving itself is an enormous task, and heirs are called upon to make clear-headed and far-reaching estate decisions during this period of great personal stress.  Although the work can seem overwhelming for relatives and friends, it’s also a time of discovery which holds healing potential and can lead to deeper understanding, connection and love.  It is an honor when a family trusts me to participate in this important, intimate task.        

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I can be reached by phone at 415-221-6126 or by email at sarah415info(at)gmail.com